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We are about to reach a Facebook milestone – we have 499 Facebook friends. If you are viewing this, you are probably one of them, so talk to your friends who also love Swazi Secrets and get them to become our Facebook friends as well.

With greetings from the Swazi Secrets team.


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Marula exfoliator is back

We’re delighted to say that Swazi Secrets marula exfoliator, one of our most popular products, is now available again, whether ordering direct from Swaziland or from our central European stock in Stuttgart.

We needed to add a preservative to the product to ensure its lifespan once opened, and this proved a trickier task than we expected. The exfoliator is an oil based product and most preservatives are water based. Of those that are oil based, almost all contain parabens which we will not use. However, the hunt is over, we have a friendly preservative and we’re back on the market.

Users should note that it is still unwise to use the product in the shower or in such a way as to get water in the tube, in the same way as avoiding getting water into any oil based product.

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Skin care guru loves marula oil

Swazi Secrets products went on sale in Italy this year for the first time, and marula oil is already being heralded as an exceptional product by skin care guru, Signorina Rottermeier in a YouTube video. Even in Italian (which we don’t speak too well) her enthusiasm for the oil shines through and has already received over 3,600 hits in just 4 days. Here’s the URL to watch it on YouTube –

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Store of the Year 2011

We’re delighted to be on display in Germany’s Store of the Year 2011, Shop der guten Taten gemeinnützige GmbH, or in English, the House of Good Deeds. Our thanks to our German distributor, GAFPRO (Good African Products) for permission to lift this from their Facebook page.

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If your name begins with El….

We’re wondering if there’s something about switched on ladies whose names begin with El… that leads them to distribute Swazi Secrets. While Elaine is pushing our products in Canada, Elena is getting them moving in Greece. Elzbieta is promoting them in Poland and Eliza is really getting things moving in the Netherlands. Elizabeth is now our distributor in Sweden, while Eileen (almost El) is advancing Swazi Secrets in UK. So we’re looking for an Eleanor in Brazil, Eloise in Spain………. 🙂

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Swazi Secrets at Expo West

Swazi Secrets will be on show at Natural Products Expo West 2011 in Anaheim, California, thanks to the efforts of our US distributor, Duerst Lahti Global LLC. Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products trade show. We were delighted to receive a visit last year from DL Global’s Managing Director, Georgia Duerst Lahti and look forward to real sales growth in the States as a result of our partnership. You can find DL Global at Stand no 5605.

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Look what happened to the bump

Our warmest congratulations to Sandrine, the French distributor of Swazi Secrets, and her partner Sebastien on the birth of Nathan, who was only a bump in the post below.

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