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UNDP help to protect rural Swazi livelihoods

An SIP member cracking in the traditional way

An SIP member cracking in the traditional way

Rural Swazis have been aware that as the popularity of marula oil grows, so too does the threat that somone will master the technology to crack the nuts in a factory, endangering a major source of their rural income. That threat is now reality, with a factory doing so, right on their doorstep.
They are fighting back, stepping up efforts to develop a mechanical technology to crack the nuts more quickly, that they can use in their homesteads. And they are getting support from UNDP, who are granting E40,000 to Swazi Indigenous Products for engineering help in developing the rural cracker. SIP is teaming up with women’s groups from Namibia and South Africa with the aim of providing their members with a machine that will triple their productivity and be available by the next marula season at an affordable cost.
If there are any engineers out there who know the marula nut and think you have some ideas to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.


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